be the change you wish to see in the world

Just today, I saw an online article on a two-year-old Saudi Arabian boy being the world’s youngest person to undergo gastric bypass surgery. The heading of the article immediately caught my attention (you can view the article via this link), and reminded me of a blogpost that I had written in 2010- Obesity Rate in Singapore on a Rise – which gained much attention. (It’s a pity that the links in that post are no longer working, and I have no access to the archives. 😦 )

A particular sentence in the article stood out the most to me: “The doctors from Prince Sultan Military Medical City at Riyadh were unable to ascertain whether the child’s parents had stuck to the diet.”

This reading alone does not tell us the child’s eating habits, physical lifestyle history, or his exact medical history. Neither does it tell us whether measures have been taken by his parents after the endocrinologist had given the child medical advice. However, what we all could probably learn from this article is that parents play a very crucial role in the child’s development, both physically and socioeconomically. Therefore, not only should the parents encourage their children to pick up a good eating habit (in another ways, discourage them from being picky-eaters) since young, they should also spare some time to do physical activities with their child on a daily basis. On one hand, you are being an active role model in educating your child the importance of healthy living. On another hand, this can be viewed as a family bonding time. Cultivating a good eating habit and an active lifestyle from young would be beneficial for the child, for he/she would most probably though not definitely, continue to do so in the future.

Indeed, there is a multifactorial causation of obesity, and obesity could lead to many other significant health diseases. So, what can be done then, to fight the childhood obesity epidemic? Why don’t we take a step back, and think about it? What can we do, to help our children of the future generation?

Let me end off this post with a quote by Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 😀