muffins are cute breads, not ugly cupcakes!

What do you think? Is muffin an ugly version of cupcake? I have been trying to find out the answer to this doubt (of mine) for the longest time! Conclusion? Muffin is muffin,… Continue reading

I want to help, but how?

First of all, BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for popping by my blog! I received some comments from my friends and ex-teachers that they would like to help.. but they do… Continue reading

greens make a difference

You do have craving for certain food at times, don’t you? Well, I am no exception! Today, I craved for instant noodles. 😀 Since young, my parents will advise me to eat less… Continue reading

intrigued by new technology

I had my first ICT lesson yesterday morning. Instead of communicating through GeNIEus Blackboard, Mr Casey Ang introduced “trsConnect” to us. One of our take-home assignments was to complete a “Self Introduction” session… Continue reading

and so it begins!

Aloha, everybody! 😀 Blogging is nothing new to me, because I have been using it as a platform to express my thoughts for the past five years. I enjoy sharing bits and pieces… Continue reading