Greek Easter recipes :)

Since I’m getting lethargic working on my ALS101 Research Paper, I decided to self-proclaim a time-off from my assignments. Hee. 😀 In the ALS101 Research Paper, I am required to come up with… Continue reading

the end of ACG322

Today’s going to mark the end of ACG322 Classroom-based Teaching Methods. And yesss, I’m still not mentally prepared for my oral defense which would be held in the afternoon at 2pm. I thought… Continue reading

Week 10 Country Presentation – Greece and Egypt

Yesterday marked the last session of country presentation for the module AAQ104 Food and Society. Fion and I were the last pair of presenters, and we presented on Egypt and Greece respectively. Our oral… Continue reading

Week 9 Country Presentation – Hawaii and Philippines

Uh-oh.. It has been more than a week since my last update! Haha. Have been really really busy.. Well, that’s an understatement. 😦 But I shall not ramble about the piles of tasks… Continue reading

biogeography fieldwork on soil penetration

Our initial plan of conducting our fieldwork on Monday was affected by the heavy thunderstorm in the west area. So after two long days of discussion (we started predicting the weather and having… Continue reading


I realised that no matter how much I’m going to resist geography, it is a fact that I am going to be a full-fledged geography teacher once I graduate from NIE. Human geography is… Continue reading

Week 7 Country Presentation – Mexico and USA

School has been wearing me out these few weeks.. I can’t wait for Friday to come. How I wish that recess week (next week) can be longer.. Like hmm, two weeks? One week… Continue reading

here comes the lemon law!

Had AAQ203 Consumer Issues with Dr Mok this afternoon. When Dr Mok mentioned about “Lemon Law”, the nine of us stared blankly at her. Uh-oh, oblivious Home Economics student-teachers. 😛 When Dr Mok… Continue reading

why do teachers stop wanting to be teachers?

An interesting read which I saw on FaceBook: Why do teachers stop wanting to be teachers? (Click on the link to view the article) How true.. Where’s the work-life balance? 😐 That article… Continue reading

‘spice’ up my life

I seemed to be quite fated to spices this semester. First, I had to work on salt for my Book Summary Presentation. Now, I have to work on pepper for my World Food… Continue reading