Week 6 Country Presentation – Korea and Japan

Two pictures = Two thousand words. (:

food for thought & inter-club masterchef challenge

“TGIF” sums up what I had been through this week. It was such a hectic week.. I probably slept less than three hours every night..? I’m just so glad that Week 6 is… Continue reading

Week 5 Country Presentation – Germany and Russia

Finally done with my Book Summary Presentation on “The Late Medieval Table”. Though the chapter is really thick and boring (oops, haha), I must say I’ve learnt quite a bit from the reading. Summarizing… Continue reading

quality time spent with my dear girls :)

Celebrated Liwhey’s (belated) 22nd birthday last Saturday at Tonkichi, Shaw House. Seeing their worried and tired faces, I can truly feel that teaching is a combination of heart work and hard work. While… Continue reading

interior of the rainbow cake

Yay, finally got to see the interior of my rainbow cake last night! Haha. 😀 Happy Chinese New Year to all!! 😀

my first rainbow cake!

It’s my first attempt at baking a Rainbow Cake!!! 😀 Haha, but the crust looked kind of unsightly with those brown specks! Initially, I thought it was the result of my oven being too hot a temperature.… Continue reading

end of week 2

Yesterday’s ALS101 Academic Discourse Skills involved a lot of group and class discussion, as usual. Haha. The only different activity was that we were tasked to do a visual presentation of our ideas… Continue reading

chinese cuisines

First and foremost (hahaha sounds so formal in my blog huh), a very very very big thank you to each and everyone of you for visiting this site and keeping it alive! I am really taken by surprise… Continue reading

our noticeboard to be noticed!

Lots of effort put in by all of us! 😀 Do check it out at NIE campus, on the pillar right beside the lift at the concourse level of the canteen. We will… Continue reading

random sweet gesture always brings a smile to my face (:

A very sweet gesture from a very sweet friend whom I got to know from Geography modules last semester! Thank you, Sarah! 😀 Today’s 2-hour Biogeography lecture wasn’t effective at all. I couldn’t catch… Continue reading